So what’s the big secret?

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I’m going to offer up a little initial apology and hope that you’re not going to be too disappointed. I’m afraid that my secret isn’t likely to be anything particularly juicy or even potentially gossip worthy.

However, I do hope that if you give me a couple of minutes and read on you might just be a little bit touched too.

You see this is a big thing for me to share so openly. I’ve always prided myself on being a confident, capable and courageous women. Which don’t get me wrong I am and always will be.

But part of my truth is that I’ve always hidden any worries and insecurities I do have relatively well. I’ve learned to push through. Put other seemingly important priorities first. And generally ignore any potentially negative emotions in favour of striving for bigger and better things.

But its time. To learn to let go. To simply be me, and embrace sharing my true self in a more complete way.

Really I’m no different to you. I worry about stuff in just the same way. I worry that I might not be good enough, that I’m letting life pass me by. And worst of all that maybe I’m wasting my potential, failing and letting people down.

But anyway without further ado.

My secret (without it intending to sound even the slightest bit self indulgent) is that……………………………….……………………………………………………………………………….

My biggest goal in life is to make a huge difference in the world.

To make an impact that I even existed at all.

To do what I do best, what I was made for, and what I am most passionate about.

To fulfill my souls purpose in life.

My purpose as I’ve come to see it is to help you to see that you have a choice.

About everything!

About how you feel, how you think and ultimately how you act.

To be a guiding light, a beacon that shines on the infinitely perfect possibilities you have inside of you.

To inspire, guide and empower you to fire up your own passion for life and live a life based on your own unique values, beliefs, passions and purpose.

To help you overcome the fear of not doing it right. Because there simply is no way to do being the authentic you the wrong way.

(Ok so you’re a little disappointed right? Were you hoping for something a little more salacious maybe? I’m sorry. There may be scope for that later!!)

I want to connect and care not just make money with no meaning – although the money is absolutely awesome too, it’s just that it doesn’t seem quite so good if you’re quietly feeling a little insignificant, unloved, and unfulfilled.

I want to pioneer my own life filled with Passion, Purpose and Possibility.

So I’ve been experimenting this week with actively pursuing my purpose. Doing the things that make my heart sing. Generally living by my instincts. And today marks the midpoint of my week of living my ideal life and I want to make it a turning point.

To kick start some new and meaningful connections, to nurture some existing but maybe neglected ones, and to really help others to start making a difference in their own lives too.

I’m going to be posting pieces from my personal journals, some of my art work and some articles I’ve been working on as part of this ongoing process to evolve my purpose into my profession. I’m going to share my stories, my true emotions and spill open to connecting with others in a way that I might not normally have done.

If you feel a sense of connection, or compulsion to comment in any way shape or form. If you simply want to reach out and share your stories too, or if you want to make some significant changes in your own life then I’d love to hear from you.

In celebration of living my own ideal life this week and pursuing my passion to help others to Make Your Mind Up! I am offering twenty special 30 minute Make Your Mind Up strategy sessions. As well as advance registration for access to an excerpt from my very first ebook:

Make Your Mind Up! – How to Make the Decisions that Matter, and Move Forward to a more Fulfilling Future.

During this unique strategy session you will finally get support to:

Decide what your own Ideal Life really looks like and make the Decisions that really matter to you.

Discover what may have been holding you back, getting in your way, or stopping you from Living your Ideal Life.

Design a simple plan that will propel you Forward to a more Fulfilling Future and a life of Passion, Purpose and infinite perfect Possibilities.

If you would like to receive one of these sessions then please email me at: with the subject line: MYMU Strategy Session to answer a few quick and simple questions and to schedule your time slot.

If its not something You feel you need right now, then please feel free to share this post with anyone else that you think might benefit.

Applications for the sessions will run on a first come first served basis, and once filled I will start a waiting list for any cancellations.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you and really pushing our passion, purpose and possibilities into overdrive. I can’t wait!!

So to finish what I’m thinking may have turned into a rather long post!!

I have one simple but potentially profound question for you:

If you could wave a (realistic) magic wand and transform your life right now.

What would Your Ideal Life look like?


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