Journal spilling – It’s time…..+ Encore: I dare you!

It’s time

Don’t you see,

I’m just like you.

A girl who sees the world

in glorious technicolour,

An inspired soul

who’s lost and found,

her muse.

A woman who’s strong and capable,

but longing so much for others

to identify

with her sensitive and vulnerable side too.

I believe we are the strongest chance the world has

for the greatest impactful and sustainable change.

A change to a more meaningful, and fulfilling way of living.

To begin this change we need to start,

sharing our stories

authentic and true.

Stories that hide behind the masses of capabilities and responsibilities.

To reveal our true selves,

and share our true beauty.

The ones where we take a minute to cry

in the bathroom or the car,

the ones where we toss and turn at night.

Plagued by a persistent sense

of squandered potential.

The ones where surrounded by kindred souls,

we giggle and gossip away

the problems we pretend we are handling so damn well.

It’s time.

To share,

to spill open our hearts,

set free our souls,

and soar.


Courtesy of a new FB friends post this morning I just wanted to share this video with you too.

So awe inspiring and heart warming to see such a beautiful group of women sharing their gifts. Enjoy.


One response to “Journal spilling – It’s time…..+ Encore: I dare you!

  1. Saw the video, thought it was great. Definitely time for many of us to soar and stop holding ourselves back waiting for someone else to give us permission, only to realise one day that we held the key all the time……..

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