What’s your biggest obstacle?

Photo by Adam Henning

I’m totally looking forward to a teleseminar with a new friend next week. Alicia Pierre is running an awesome teleseminar on the topic of obstacles that we face in getting our businesses started.

I’ve faced/am facing my fair share of obstacles and I’m working through them/conquering them with varying degrees of success.

It got me thinking about how many of the challenges that we face in life are the same no matter who we are or where we’ve come from, or in fact where we are trying to get to. And similarly what the biggest challenge that we all face in life is?

I think the biggest challenge that we all face on a daily basis is of course not knowing or remembering that we have a choice and that we can make a new one in an instant. Or worse still, when we do remember, not knowing how to make our mind up, or take action on the things we do eventually decide to focus on.

Because we all tend to lack so much of the self awareness and self understanding that gives us the clarity and faith in who we are, and what we want in life we struggle to be truly happy and fulfilled. We chase the things we think we SHOULD be, do and have rather than stopping to decide on our own definition of success and directing all of our passion and potential to striving for that.

Heres hoping that by sharing our challenges and combining our shared wisdom we can support and empower each other to overcome any obstacles we’re struggling with.

What do you think? Whats the biggest challenge you face on a daily basis? Why not come and join us here – http://www.aliciapierre.com/ on Wednesday and share the obstacles and challenges you’re facing. It’s totally free and everybody is welcome.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments below.

Zoe x


2 responses to “What’s your biggest obstacle?

  1. HI Zoe, Great to meet you on the webinar today. Love your site. Very clean looking! So good to connect with you. Can’t wait to read more of your posts. Blessings, Amy

    • Lol! Thank you Amy. The call was awesome!! It was fantastic to share with all of you! And so nice to feel a sense of connection hearing we’re
      all facing the same things as we strive for our own versions of excellence. I’m definitely looking forward to staying in touch. (thank you for the complement too although I’m thinking I should confess that ‘clean looking’ should probably translate as me taking the advice of not waiting for perfect, and simply running with what I can for now. Lol!) I’m heading off to check out your sites now. : )
      Zoe x

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