Day 3 – 30DBBB: Who do you turn to?

Sitting here this afternoon enjoying a late Sunday brunch and some quiet time to myself I began looking at what I really needed to give myself a boost in moving my business stuff along at a more rapid pace.

I asked myself the question – ‘Who in an ideal world would I really like to work with to get all of my ducks in a row?’ so to speak. And not so surprisingly (if you’ve ever seen my twitter follow list) but my list came out as follows:

Jennifer Louden – for self care, coaching and purpose work.

Lea Woodward – for making my dreams of location independent living and adventure come true.

Anahata Katkin – for inspiring in me more of my creative sprirt and drawing out my souls representation in my art work

and Lisa Sasevich & Suzanne Falter-Barnes for some ass kicking business guidance.

Now I know that it might already seem like an amazing wish list of muses to want to work with but something was niggling inside, bugging me, telling me there was something missing.

So I sat a little while, I sifted through my notes a little. I even resorted to consulting the sectors that I usually include on my wheel of life. And then it dawned on me as I sat staring into space towards this little still life on my kitchen counter.

Health and Beauty. I don’t really have any one source of inspiration, expertise or guidance that I consult on a regular basis to do with two things that are actually quite important to me – my nutritional health and fitness, and my physical style and appearance.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not at all vain in any sense of the word, but I was raised to take a certain level of pride in my appearance, and that if i looked after my body then it would look after me. And over the years this has deepened to incorporate a personal desire to have my choices in those areas be a more authentic reflection of my personality.

The thing is because I’ve always been everybody elses go-to-girl, usually the one with all the ideas and possible answers I’ve never really put that role into reverse. I haven’t ever really been one to phone a friend for guidance or advice. I’ve always been quite independent in that sense. And I don’t have any particular celebrity style icon in mind. I tend to make up my mind about what I want and why, go ahead and research the options, judge their merits and usefulness based on my own situation and gone ahead and figured out the best choice for me pretty much by myself.

But I’ve realised that sometimes I do need help too. So I’m hoping in the spirit of sharing resources that you might have some ‘best kept secret’ or health and fitness, and style gurus you might be able to recommend. And in the meantime I’m off to see what I can find somewhere outside of my own head.

I’m looking forward to some fab recommendations in the comments below so please be generous with your opinions and advice – asking others for help is a skill I really need to improve on. I’ll share what else I find there too.


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