Journal spilling – I dream of the day.

I dream of the day
that the dam is broken.

When I no longer possess
the ability to abate
the waves of authenticity
that well inside.


2 responses to “Journal spilling – I dream of the day.

  1. Can you enter into your well?
    Can you slip, naked, into those waters behind the dam?
    Rather than breaking the dam to let the authenticity out, what would happen if you entered in, swam in your own truths, suckled your own knowing, trusted your own being?
    Who cares about out?
        the secret is in…

    • I don’t know Karen, I think that I’ve done my share of skinny dipping for now.
      I’ve been enjoying the warm, calm and nurturing waters that seem to get deeper and deeper. Knowing, owning and trusting my own authentic truths – that’s how these words of mine ended up here in the first place. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to before.
      I’m definitely a stronger swimmer now.
      But, the problem now is I’m ready to enjoy and explore the rivers, oceans, lakes and seas of the world outside of myself. To share my secrets with others and in some way inspire them to share theirs too. To completly live my authenticity every day not just when I’m not at my day job.
      I’m an incurable inquisitive soul longing for connection, adventure and contribution in the world outside of myself.
      Yes I agree that the secret initially is in, but for me fulfillment comes from the connection and contribution to the out.

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