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Learning to let go

Why letting go might be the way to get what you want.

Reading an article in a recent copy of Marie Claire about a woman who finally found Mr Right after deciding ‘to give up on dating and stay fabulously single’ made me begin to wonder about the merits of us always holding on so tightly to our treasured dreams.

Yes our dreams are delicate (or should I say they make US delicate), and yes it’s can be heartbreaking to live with even the possibility that our dreams may not actually come true. But think about this – what if letting go of the picture we have in our hearts and heads actually leaves space for something so much more miraculous and extraordinary to come to life?

What if by holding our cards so close to our chest we are actually blocking what we’ve craved for all along?

The woman in the article had a slightly strange approach to letting go in my opinion – she chose to live the next year as if it would be her last as a single lady and cram in everything she’d ever wished to do. To me this just makes it seem as if to her life ends once you become part of a couple, shackle yourself to a life partner or find your ‘other half’. But all the same letting go of the dream, the ideal and allowing the chips to fall where they may seemed to work. And enabled her to become more open to really experiencing life in a way that she couldn’t before.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying give up on your dreams all together and resign yourself to a life of unextraordinary unhapiness, in fact quite the contary! I’m simply suggesting that maybe we could all benefit beyond our wildest dreams by emptying our cup just a little and allowing for the possibilities in life to truly astound us.

What do you think? Have you been holding on so tightly to your dream that you’ve completly squeezed all of the life out of it? Is what you thought was your passion in life turning out to be more of a long hard slog because you need everything to be just right? I’d love to read some of your stories too.