What’s your biggest obstacle?

Photo by Adam Henning

I’m totally looking forward to a teleseminar with a new friend next week. Alicia Pierre is running an awesome teleseminar on the topic of obstacles that we face in getting our businesses started.

I’ve faced/am facing my fair share of obstacles and I’m working through them/conquering them with varying degrees of success.

It got me thinking about how many of the challenges that we face in life are the same no matter who we are or where we’ve come from, or in fact where we are trying to get to. And similarly what the biggest challenge that we all face in life is?

I think the biggest challenge that we all face on a daily basis is of course not knowing or remembering that we have a choice and that we can make a new one in an instant. Or worse still, when we do remember, not knowing how to make our mind up, or take action on the things we do eventually decide to focus on.

Because we all tend to lack so much of the self awareness and self understanding that gives us the clarity and faith in who we are, and what we want in life we struggle to be truly happy and fulfilled. We chase the things we think we SHOULD be, do and have rather than stopping to decide on our own definition of success and directing all of our passion and potential to striving for that.

Heres hoping that by sharing our challenges and combining our shared wisdom we can support and empower each other to overcome any obstacles we’re struggling with.

What do you think? Whats the biggest challenge you face on a daily basis? Why not come and join us here – http://www.aliciapierre.com/ on Wednesday and share the obstacles and challenges you’re facing. It’s totally free and everybody is welcome.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments below.

Zoe x


Journal spilling – It’s time…..+ Encore: I dare you!

It’s time

Don’t you see,

I’m just like you.

A girl who sees the world

in glorious technicolour,

An inspired soul

who’s lost and found,

her muse.

A woman who’s strong and capable,

but longing so much for others

to identify

with her sensitive and vulnerable side too.

I believe we are the strongest chance the world has

for the greatest impactful and sustainable change.

A change to a more meaningful, and fulfilling way of living.

To begin this change we need to start,

sharing our stories

authentic and true.

Stories that hide behind the masses of capabilities and responsibilities.

To reveal our true selves,

and share our true beauty.

The ones where we take a minute to cry

in the bathroom or the car,

the ones where we toss and turn at night.

Plagued by a persistent sense

of squandered potential.

The ones where surrounded by kindred souls,

we giggle and gossip away

the problems we pretend we are handling so damn well.

It’s time.

To share,

to spill open our hearts,

set free our souls,

and soar.


Courtesy of a new FB friends post this morning I just wanted to share this video with you too.

So awe inspiring and heart warming to see such a beautiful group of women sharing their gifts. Enjoy.

Journal Spilling – Back to the basics of being

No one ever really taught me how to just be myself. And of course they definitely never taught me how to know who or what ‘myself’ was in the first place.

So how was I ever supposed to be successful at being anything anyone else wants or needs me to be in my lifetime if I’m not yet entirely sure on how to be good at the simple basics of being?

6 life lessons I’ve learned from a kid I’ve never met.

Walking past the window in Waterstones this afternoon, a crowd gathering in the street below caught my eye.

Curious as ever to see what was going on I stopped for a second to see what they were all looking at. Half expecting it to be the usual crazy guy on his soap box shouting out his sermon on a Saturday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in fact it was a little boy, probably only about ten or so showing off his ball skills.

Now although he wasn’t exactly fantastic and unlikely to be wining any awards this kid made me realise some lessons in life that we would all do well to remember:

1. Always take the opportunity to share your skills and talents with the world: This kid knew what he was good at and didn’t waste time going public with it. He saw a window of opportunity, as unusual as it may have been and he took it.

2. Be brave and have faith in leveraging your talents, you never know what you might achieve: As kids we are seemingly fearless and believe that we can truly achieve anything we want to. The only limits are our imaginations. Unfortunately life has a way of beating that out of us as we grow up, teaching us that showing off is not something people in polite society do. But maybe we should take the opinion of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” and capitalise whilst we can. We never know when we might get the chance again.

3. Don’t worry about doing it wrong: They say it takes something like 10,000 hours to become an expert in your chosen field. It’s also well known that the only way we really learn is from our failures. And of course there really is no way to do being you in the wrong way.

4. People will always appreciate your sincere efforts to improve their day: Even though the little lad had his impromptu performance cut short people were already enjoying the light relief of what might have otherwise been a Saturday afternoon like any other. In return for which they were more than happy to give donations. Even after he was made to stop, they were purposely making an effort to reward his efforts. I think that  just goes to show that even the smallest attempt to make someone smile can have an immeasurable impact. And I bet there were plenty of the audience who went on to tell their friends about it later, spreading the enjoyment that little bit farther.

5. Remember to say thank you and show your appreciation: I also loved that instead of taking the easy option and running off when he was told off by the warden. The kid actually took the time to say thank you to his audience and showed his appreciation by taking a bow.

6. Know when to let go: Finally, and one of the things I liked the most was that the kid knew when he was beaten. Instead of arguing with the warden he simply apologised, packed up the show and moved on. Its a shame we don’t all take that same tack sometimes.

Take a quick look at the video clip I managed to get before he was ushered away by the authorities. (Sorry about it being on its side though I was kinda caught on the fly!). People even started to boo the guy who told him to stop. I thought the whole thing was fantastic.

Lets hope he does something cool with his donations. : )

So what’s the big secret?

Image (c) Luxury Travel Butler

I’m going to offer up a little initial apology and hope that you’re not going to be too disappointed. I’m afraid that my secret isn’t likely to be anything particularly juicy or even potentially gossip worthy.

However, I do hope that if you give me a couple of minutes and read on you might just be a little bit touched too.

You see this is a big thing for me to share so openly. I’ve always prided myself on being a confident, capable and courageous women. Which don’t get me wrong I am and always will be.

But part of my truth is that I’ve always hidden any worries and insecurities I do have relatively well. I’ve learned to push through. Put other seemingly important priorities first. And generally ignore any potentially negative emotions in favour of striving for bigger and better things.

But its time. To learn to let go. To simply be me, and embrace sharing my true self in a more complete way.

Really I’m no different to you. I worry about stuff in just the same way. I worry that I might not be good enough, that I’m letting life pass me by. And worst of all that maybe I’m wasting my potential, failing and letting people down.

But anyway without further ado.

My secret (without it intending to sound even the slightest bit self indulgent) is that……………………………….……………………………………………………………………………….

My biggest goal in life is to make a huge difference in the world.

To make an impact that I even existed at all.

To do what I do best, what I was made for, and what I am most passionate about.

To fulfill my souls purpose in life.

My purpose as I’ve come to see it is to help you to see that you have a choice.

About everything!

About how you feel, how you think and ultimately how you act.

To be a guiding light, a beacon that shines on the infinitely perfect possibilities you have inside of you.

To inspire, guide and empower you to fire up your own passion for life and live a life based on your own unique values, beliefs, passions and purpose.

To help you overcome the fear of not doing it right. Because there simply is no way to do being the authentic you the wrong way.

(Ok so you’re a little disappointed right? Were you hoping for something a little more salacious maybe? I’m sorry. There may be scope for that later!!)

I want to connect and care not just make money with no meaning – although the money is absolutely awesome too, it’s just that it doesn’t seem quite so good if you’re quietly feeling a little insignificant, unloved, and unfulfilled.

I want to pioneer my own life filled with Passion, Purpose and Possibility.

So I’ve been experimenting this week with actively pursuing my purpose. Doing the things that make my heart sing. Generally living by my instincts. And today marks the midpoint of my week of living my ideal life and I want to make it a turning point.

To kick start some new and meaningful connections, to nurture some existing but maybe neglected ones, and to really help others to start making a difference in their own lives too.

I’m going to be posting pieces from my personal journals, some of my art work and some articles I’ve been working on as part of this ongoing process to evolve my purpose into my profession. I’m going to share my stories, my true emotions and spill open to connecting with others in a way that I might not normally have done.

If you feel a sense of connection, or compulsion to comment in any way shape or form. If you simply want to reach out and share your stories too, or if you want to make some significant changes in your own life then I’d love to hear from you.

In celebration of living my own ideal life this week and pursuing my passion to help others to Make Your Mind Up! I am offering twenty special 30 minute Make Your Mind Up strategy sessions. As well as advance registration for access to an excerpt from my very first ebook:

Make Your Mind Up! – How to Make the Decisions that Matter, and Move Forward to a more Fulfilling Future.

During this unique strategy session you will finally get support to:

Decide what your own Ideal Life really looks like and make the Decisions that really matter to you.

Discover what may have been holding you back, getting in your way, or stopping you from Living your Ideal Life.

Design a simple plan that will propel you Forward to a more Fulfilling Future and a life of Passion, Purpose and infinite perfect Possibilities.

If you would like to receive one of these sessions then please email me at:

zoeg@chinurucoaching.com with the subject line: MYMU Strategy Session to answer a few quick and simple questions and to schedule your time slot.

If its not something You feel you need right now, then please feel free to share this post with anyone else that you think might benefit.

Applications for the sessions will run on a first come first served basis, and once filled I will start a waiting list for any cancellations.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you and really pushing our passion, purpose and possibilities into overdrive. I can’t wait!!

So to finish what I’m thinking may have turned into a rather long post!!

I have one simple but potentially profound question for you:

If you could wave a (realistic) magic wand and transform your life right now.

What would Your Ideal Life look like?