So hard to choose.

“It’s so hard to choose isn’t it” she said. Instinctively I answered “I know”.

But the truth of it is, I know exactly what I want. What sets my heart alight. But that’s no use when ultimately the decision on what action to actually take needs to come from a place of compromise, and be decided by committee.

Maybe she was drawn to talk to me by some subconscious recognition of my conflicted inner self. Maybe she recognised in me the familiar burning desire to follow her dreams but being too afraid of the consequences of pulling others out of their comfort zones.

Whatever it was she served me well by making me recognise the present state in which I was in, and to remind me to choose to retake control and make the best of my current situation. To learn the lessons my life is trying to teach me.

I didn’t catch her name, but I’d love to say a big thankyou and send wishes of gratitude her way – I hope she finds what she was looking for.


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